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Providing Modifications to Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Modifications: Welcome

Modifications refer to the process of altering what a student or pupil learns or is being tested on. It can refer to changes in the expectations for an assessment or course, shortening assignments, or materials provided at a lower grade level.  Kids who receive modifications are not expected to learn the same material as their classmates but have the educational right to participate in your class environment.

Modifications: Text


What should the student be responsible for?

  • Completing different work than their grade level peers

  • Answer different test questions than their grade level peers

    • True/False

    • Multiple Choice

    • Kahoot with Image Choices

  • Create alternate projects or assignments

  • Use a BINGO board for self-choice in project completion

  • Repetition of assignments or activities to increase understanding

  • Hands-on activities including sorting, flashcards, matching, etc… 

  • Correct marked work to prove an increase in understanding

  • Take home Tests

  • Open-book or open-notes class

Modifications: Text


What is the teacher responsible for creating?

  • Learn different material (such as continuing to work on multiplication while classmates move on to fractions)

  • Get graded or assessed using a different standard than other students (Colorado Extended Evidence Outcomes)

  • Be excused from particular projects with alternative assignments in place

  • Adjusting the grading level, for instance, to weighted grading or Pass/Fail

  • Simplify vocabulary used in conversation

  • Simplify vocabulary for instruction

  • Simplifying the lessons that a student takes to increase their level of understanding

  • Reducing reading levels to students instructional level

  • Reducing the number of similar questions in a test. 

  • Allowing a student to use a calculator during an assessment of mathematics

  • No homework or simplified/shortened homework assignments

  • Books/text at a lower reading level that doesn’t cover all of the original content

  • Grading on progress or effort rather than correctness (if completing the same task multiple times has their score increased over multiple attempts)

  • Grade corrected work
    Focus on mastery of functional concepts
    Give page numbers or other locators to help students find answers

  • Shortened assignments aimed at mastery of concepts

Modifications: Text
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